100% handmade granola “made in Spain”

OverNights: a combination of oats, protein and seeds that when mixed with milk and left to stand becomes a smoothie

La Newyorkina, an Asturian company that is a pioneer in the production of craft granola in Spain, has just launched a new range that it is unveiling at Alimentaria: OverNights. This product is a combination of oats, proteins and seeds that when mixed with milk and left overnight in the fridge, becomes a drinkable shake ready to be consumed at home or on the go at any time of the day.

This new item will be accompanied by other varieties of the brand’s granola, including La Original, the number one in Spain, made with honey from Asturias and extra virgin olive oil. And also Dear Aretha, Pink and Ruby, some varieties designed for cocoa lovers.

La Newyorkina also keeps an eye on new food trends.  Thus, its catalogue includes Manzana Loves Jengibre and Coco & Lemon Friends, its 100% organic and vegan granolas.

The brand’s commitment to a sugar-free granola is Zero Sugar, which was joined in 2021 by a revolutionary launch, Ketonola, a Keto granola that meets the dietary requirements of people who follow a paleo, keto and keto dietary plan. Ketonola contains hemp protein, is gluten-free, vegan and certified organic. It is also the granola with the lowest sugar levels on the market.

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