100% ‘high standing’ Iberian

New image for a Salamancan meat industry of traditional breeding, processing and curing

The Salamancan company Ibéricos Alhándiga, recently acquired by the Grancampo livestock group, is presenting a new image and formats for Iberian products at Alimentaria, prepared in accordance with its positioning in the premium segment of the meat industry.

Integration and renovation bring to its products a combination of leadership, innovation, quality and respect for traditional production methods. The Grancampo Group’s farms have more than 600 100% Iberian mothers and 4,000 hectares of land that allow them to comply with the highest animal welfare standards. The result is a quality raw material with which Ibéricos Alhándiga produces a wide range of premium products.

The company produces hams, shoulders and loins following a careful traditional production process that includes months of natural curing in the company’s cellars and in natural drying sheds. The sausages are made from extra lean meat and the finest parts of the pigs, selected and seasoned according to traditional recipes handed down over several generations, and cured in the old-fashioned way.

In addition, the variety of cuts offered by Ibéricos Alhándiga allows you to choose, from among its fresh meats, the most suitable for each recipe.

Along with its new image, the company also unveils a new presentation for its products

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