A cocktail in bites

Eleven classic cocktails with all their flavours, nuances and alcohol (19º) in a liquid sphere covered with coloured jelly

Las Jellys is the name of the brand created by two young Catalans, who have come to Alimentaria with an innovative product of the same name aimed at revolutionising the concept of the cocktail. Jellys, the name given to them by their creators as they thought and rethought them during the months of the pandemic, are a surprising idea halfway between a dessert and a shot.

Daiquiri, Margarita, Cosmopolitan… up to eleven classic cocktails are reinvented in a new format with all their flavours, nuances and top quality alcohol (19º). These innovative shots are not drunk, but eaten. Instead of being served in a glass, the drink is trapped in a liquid sphere inside a delicious coloured jelly that explodes in the mouth, triggering a cascade of sensations.

Jellys are cocktails containing quality alcohols and raw materials and are made from classic recipes using a crafted process of molecular cuisine. They are consumed cold, at a temperature of between 0º and 4º, so they should be kept in the fridge, never in the freezer.

Until now, they have been sold in boxes of 12 ready to eat at home, but the brand is now ready to make the big leap to the HORECA sector.

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