A good egg substitute

A good egg substitute

Agregare, a supplier and distributor of natural and healthy products in Europe, is bringing one of its most popular products to Alimentaria, both because of how innovative it can be and for being a vegan option: Aquafaba.

Low-fat, cholesterol-free and highly versatile. This is Aquafaba, a liquid obtained from cooked chickpeas. The result is a combination of proteins and starches that gives it emulsifying, foaming, binding and thickening properties.

Simply stir Aquafaba at high speed until a stable foam is obtained, which can be used as an egg substitute in many pastry recipes. Aquafaba can be used to make vegan meringues, macaroons, mousse, nougat and fondant, ice cream and marshmallows. It is also ideal for making buttery biscuits, traditional breads, fried doughnuts and vegan French toast.

Agregare also comes to the fair to highlights its versatile range of flours with enormous benefits, suitable for different uses: pre-cooked or cooked chickpea, pre-cooked black bean, cauliflower, green banana and blue corn.

All of them offer an excellent high-protein, plant-based alternative for the gluten-free baking industry. They can also be used in sweet and savoury recipes.

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