A new coffee concept

Organic Drip Coffee: the brand's organic coffee in single-dose filters to drink whenever and wherever you want

“We take care of the pauses because we know that they move the world.” This is the leitmotiv of Ubago Cafeteros, a professional natural coffee roasting company with almost half a century of experience. True to this raison d’être and to its creative and innovative nature, the company is presenting this year a new collection and a new coffee concept at Alimentaria.

1979-Origenes, the company’s new collection, was born from the importance of bringing single-origin coffee closer to the expert, controlling its origin and quality. The uniqueness of this range lies in the fruit of a coffee grown on seven farms located in unique environments and at different latitudes around the world: Colombia Excelso washed Huila la flor, Colombia Pache Siquila, Ethiopia Sidamo Furla, Ethiopia Disidamo grade 2, Nicaragua Gran Matagalpa, Mexico decaffeinated Swiss Water and Peru washed grade 1.

Ubago Cafeteros also surprises in this edition with a new concept of drinking coffee and presents its Organic Drip Coffee: the brand’s ecological coffee in single-dose filters to drink whenever and wherever you want. The drink is prepared using the drip method and all you need is a cup and hot water to enjoy a cup of coffee.

New formats, new consumption trends, materials and coffee peculiarities come together and translate into products designed to meet new demands, present and future.

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