Beer with commitment

Co-operative craft beer, brewed with organic and locally produced raw materials, using renewable energies

From Terres de Ponent and from the Segrià County Council, comes to Alimentaria the craft eco-friendly beer of the Cooperativa de la Granja cervecera Lo Vilot, with eco seal, sustainable and made with locally-sourced materials.

In this edition of the fair, they are presenting their original catalogue of beers made from different cereals, blondes, black beers and some of them are even suitable for coeliacs. Lo Vilot also has a line of special beers finished with local fruits (cherry, apricot, grapes, figs, plums, quinces…).

Based in Almacelles, this cooperative is made up of farmers and brewers from this area, who carry out the whole circle of ecological production of craft beer, from the cultivation of their own cereals (barley, wheat, rye…) and subsequent malting, to the production of hops, which they use once dried and made into pellets. They also have their own yeast strain, wooden barrels for secondary fermentation, liquor barrels for the ageing of beers and an area for spontaneous fermentations.

Lo Vilot also makes other fermented drinks under the brand Nuda Drinks, specialising in Hard Seltzer, the trendy fermented drink that in Lo Vilot’s case is probiotic, organic, low in calories and carbohydrates and with only 3.5% alcohol.

This company has a local sales seal, as well as a seal of organic producers and processors, works with renewable energies and in an artisanal and cooperative way, supporting local businesses.

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