Biogurt vegan, healthy… and delicious!

Two new varieties of Biogurt and Kefir-Bio with no ingredients of animal origin, no soy and no added sugars

NaturGreen, one of the brands of Laboratorios Almond, specialised in vegetable and organic food, is the creator of Biogurt and Kéfir-Bio. These two products, formulated with only the essential ingredients of the highest quality, are the 100% vegan, plant-based alternative to yoghurt and kefir, with no soya or added sugars.

The firm is extending the family with two new varieties: Cashew nut Biogurt and Organic coconut kefir. The first is made with freshly ground raw cashew nuts to achieve the best freshness and flavour. They are fermented with a specific combination of micro-organisms of vegan origin, containing both fermentative and probiotic strains. In the case of the new Kefir-Bio variety, the pulp of freshly harvested coconuts from organic, sustainable and animal-free plantations is used.

Biogurt and Kefir-Bio are made in the brand’s own Vegan Factory, with no dairy or ingredients of animal origin. They contain no soy, gluten or added sugars. A nutritional alternative to take care of your health and also the planet, as the packaging is 100% recyclable, including the adhesive on the label: it is aluminium-free and bisphenol-free.

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