Bread and bread alone

Velarte Natur: a new range of bread snacks without any preservatives or added sugars and suitable for vegans

Productos Velarte, with a track record of 52 years manufacturing baked bread snacks, will visit Alimentaria with several new products under its arm. To begin with, its Artesanas bars, the brand’s best-known family, has just unveiled new packaging with a more innovative and updated look. However, the secret of its Artesanas, as with the brand’s other products, lies not in the packaging but in the Velarsana flour.

Velarte is also adapting to the latest trends by presenting a new range of healthier snacks among its most prominent innovations: Velarte Natur. Spelt and dill and buckwheat and poppy seed sticks head this line. These are products suitable for vegans without any preservatives or colourings, with low sodium salt and no added sugars, which have already been nominated by consumers as the Flavour of 2022. The range is complemented by its mini seed bread, which complies with the NAOS strategy, and its BIO sticks, made with 100% organically grown ingredients.

The Mediterranium Bites will also make their début. These bread bites have just incorporated a new flavour, sour cream with pepper, to those already known: BBQ, pizza, and tomato and oregano. Mediterranean bread sticks are another recent launch by Velarte; these are a snack with dehydrated black olives and herbes de Provence, with the same traditional recipe and no added sugars.

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