Breaking boundaries in food

The group's new project with Sanam focuses on the use of agro-industrial by-products to conserve the environment, such as coffee pulp

Grupo Mérica Foods, distributor of the América, Tesoro Natural and Del Huerto Original range of food products, is exhibiting its international project at Alimentaria. It aims to break down borders, and to this end, it offers a wide range of products consumed by the Latin American public living in Europe and, increasingly, by the European public.

The group brings to the fair consolidated brands with a high penetration in the international market, such as Samai, Oriental, Ron Viejo de Caldas and Pony Malta, four of the most promising ones. But the proposal of Mérica Foods goes beyond perpetuating and expanding Latin American culinary traditions outside the region. The Tesoro Natural and Del Huerto Original brands are therefore focusing on products that are becoming more and more established internationally, such as coconut milk, tropical fruit drinks, chia, quinoa and chilli paste.

Finally, Mérica highlights the innovative project of Sanam, a company associated with the group that produces and markets innovative products with high added value through the use of agro-industrial by-products that contribute to the conservation of the environment. One of its main products is coffee pulp, a natural antioxidant that is perfect for the production of other foods, beverages, beauty products, and agricultural products. Sanam has been named “innovative and sustainable agro-industrial company” this year.

Grupo Mérica Foods is committed to innovation and technology. Thus, its BtoB BUSINESS INTELIGENCE tool provides instant insight into the reality of a product at the point of sale.

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