Calvo reinvents tuna packaging

Calvo, a global food company specialising in tinned fish, is presenting at Alimentaria its latest innovation, called Vuelca Fácil. Translated as “Easy Over”, this is much more than just a simple tin, proof of which is that its development meant overcoming a huge technological and industrial challenge.

Unlike traditional tins, Vuelca Fácil allows the product to be opened simply and safely, as well as being more practical and convenient to serve and consume. A simple movement removes the entire product cleanly without the need for utensils. This simple gesture wastes less tuna and cuts down on the amount of conserving oil, which most consumers say they don’t use.

Calvo’s new launch brings significant improvements in sustainability, as it is lighter and features a sealing method that requires less oil. The contribution to climate change means up to 35% less waste than that of traditional packaging. All this without sacrificing juiciness and flavour.

Vuelca Fácil is one of the many innovations that Calvo has launched on the market in recent years. This leading brand offers a wide range of healthy and nutritious products to millions around the world.

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