Enrich drop by drop

Chemotyped essential oils: a product for food use without chemical alterations and with double organic certification

Ibsina, a company specializing in raw materials of 100% natural and organic origin, has in its catalogue essential oils, vegetable oils and hydrolats, as well as active ingredients for formulation in natural cosmetics or for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Among all these products, the firm highlights its selection of chemotyped essential oils.

These food-grade oils allow recipes to be enriched by simply adding a few drops during the preparation of food and beverages. Ibsina has its own analysis and quality department, which makes possible a rigorous classification of each of these oils, defining the main component of the essential oil and determining its specific properties in each case. This process also guarantees that the products are 100% pure, natural and without any chemical alteration.

And like all Ibsina products, the chemotyped essential oils have double organic certification: the EU organic farming Euro-Leaf and the bio.inspecta for raw materials. Both certifications endorse the commitment to sustainability and ecology of a company that, beyond sourcing, offers 360º services covering formulation, manufacturing, design and packaging processes.

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