Essence of Italy

Mammafiore, a benchmark in the distribution of Italian gastronomy, will visit Alimentaria loaded with new lines and products with all the essence and tradition of the country’s gastronomy.

In partnership with Max and Stefano Colombo, Mammafiore will present PIZZA24, the first artisan pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven that will be available at supermarkets. From classical flavours to daring signature creations, PIZZA24 contains all the Italian essence in eco-packaging designed to reduce plastic and use recyclable materials (the dual peel system).

Mammafiore pays tribute to two essential and traditional ingredients, the white truffle from Umbria and the tomato, with two new lines. The Pomod(oro) products are made solely with tomatoes harvested and selected at the right moment and presented in pulp and passata and whole and peeled. As for Tartufo, it will début with three proposals with truffles centre stage: Tartufata sauce, with 5% authentic truffles, Tartufo carpaccio (truffles laminated in oil) and the oil-based Tartufo Bianco condiment.

The brand will also bring to the table its new Conserve della Mamma (Carciofi Interi Grigliati, the Pomodori Secchi and the Peperoncini Ripieni di Formaggi) and the Formaggi della Mamma, the new selection of Italian cheeses (mozzarella, mascarpone, buffalo, burrata, ricotta and gorgonzola). The finishing touch will be provided by the Taralli de Le Creazione di Giulia, baked wheat dough rings in eight different flavours.

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