From the sea to the tin

The new mini-sardines in olive oil, made with fresh fish, are ideal for 'healthy' recipes and the design is inspired by the original packaging

The Girona company Anxoves de l’Escala-M. Sureda, dedicated since 1940 to fish processing and salting, brings to Alimentaria a tinned fish idea that maintains all the essence of the best fresh blue fish from the Mediterranean: its new Sardinillas in olive oil.

These sardines are made from fresh fish, which, unlike those from frozen fish, have a more intense flavour and a much smoother texture. These characteristics can be perceived just by opening the tin, in their shine and silver colour.

In addition to their intense flavour, they have outstanding nutritional properties. In this sense, it is a healthy product ideal for a multitude of healthy recipes such as salads or accompanied by vegetables. It is also recommended for diets for cardiovascular health care or for lowering cholesterol levels.

Anxoves de l’Escala-M.Sureda has brought back its classic lithography in making the tins for its Sardinillas in olive oil. The navy-blue aluminium design is reminiscent of the brand’s classic tins.

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