Gastronomic tradition in a plant-based version

Cod fritters, tuna burger, chorizo and pulled pork made from soy protein

Zyrcular Foods, a company specializing in alternative protein, is expanding its current catalogue with four new products which it is taking to Alimentaria: cod fritters, tuna burger, chorizo and Pulled Pork.

From its facilities, at the gates of the Montseny Nature Reserve (Barcelona), Zyrcular Foods develops, produces and distributes new sources of protein with one objective: to redefine the food of the future, under an integrated, healthy, sustainable and equitable system.

Its four novelties bring the sensations of traditional gastronomy to the plant-based world. Zyrcular Foods’ cod fritters are reminiscent of the traditional ones, with a touch of parsley included. The tuna burger is made with wakame seaweed and microalgae oil, ingredients that provide the characteristic flavour and aroma of this fish. The company has also produced a spicy, paprika-infused chorizo, with the aroma and texture of traditional chorizo, and a Pulled Pork whose texture and flavour mimic the sensations of pulled pork.

These new products are made with soy protein, the key to a perfect texture, and with ingredients from the Mediterranean, such as extra virgin olive oil.

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