Illusions of Salt & Saffron

The power of the sea and the delicate flavour of saffron in a modern grinder for foodies with personality

Carmencita, with nearly a century in existence, is the leading company in the spice sector. The humble family business that Jesús Navarro Jover founded in 1923 is long gone. Nonetheless, it has kept the essence of its beginnings intact. That same spirit is still there, inspiring the company day after day to innovate and bring everyone an infinite variety of spices, condiments, salts and aromatic herbs.

With that perennial illusion of making dishes come to life, Carmencita is bringing a new blend to Alimentaria: Salt & Saffron, available in a small (115 grams) or large (360 grams) container. A novelty for those who enjoy experimenting with gourmet products and want to give their recipes a unique touch.

In addition to its flavour, the modern packaging design, the colour of the salt and delicate, aromatic saffron strands… A perfect blend that makes it a sophisticated and valuable piece within the Carmencita grinder collection.

Just turn the head and enjoy the suggestive sound of the salt crystals breaking. Then, the subtle, floral aroma of saffron when added to fish, seafood, vegetables or eggs, transforms a simple recipe into a dish of enormous culinary value. And most importantly: with real personality.

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