Imaginative engineering for cold rooms

Biport® 250BV: airtight, self-repairing, with double canvas and forced ventilation, to avoid cold leakage

Controlsa, a specialist in industrial enclosures, presents at Alimentaria the new Biport® 250BV door, a solution for freezing cold rooms with high incoming and outgoing traffic.

The Biport® 250BV consists of a high-speed cold store door and a double canvas roll-up door with forced ventilation. This new model combines the advantages of Controlsa’s Autorreparable® door with the airtightness of the brand’s sliding door, and adds the versatility of ventilation between the two canvas.

The thermal barrier is achieved thanks to the hot air introduced between the two canvas. It prevents water or ice condensation, attenuates noise and allows rapid passage. In addition, in case of impact against the canvas, it incorporates a system that allows it to detach from the guides and automatically re-enter when the door is raised.

The Biport® 250BV is a major improvement compared to the negative Biport® refrigeration unit, with a fast door that operates 24/7, 365 days a year, with no danger of the plastic freezing and no moisture on the floor or in the door. In addition, it is possible to add peepholes to the PVC and to choose the colour of the PVC. Maintenance is carried out from the positive side, which means that one of the two doors is always closed so that the cold air in the chamber is not lost.

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