Infusion and sensory coffee

Rituals and Ye' Afrika Buna: a range of organic infusions and teas in bulk, and a bold 100% African blend coffee to enjoy an explosion of flavour in every sip

Coffee-Center, a company dedicated to the production and distribution of organic coffee and infusions, presents two new products at Alimentaria, designed to provide new experiences with every sip.

Rituals is the name of the new range of organic bulk teas and infusions, made from the best selection of Alma Teas & Herebal Infusions raw materials and presented in a modern and attractive packaging. This new collection offers the palate an explosion of flavours that turn the moment of tea or infusion into a real ritual and sensory experience.

One of the distinguishing features of Coffe-Center is its responsible coffee. The company purchases the raw material in the countries of origin (Ethiopia, Brazil, Nicaragua, India…) to offer more than 70 varieties 100% organic.

And so, straight from Africa comes the latest Coffe-Center novelty: Ye’ Afrika Buna, a daring coffee, whose taste transports you to one of the most colourful regions on the planet. This 100% African blend, with its unique character and marked personality, arrives filled with originality to set trends at the fair.

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