Italian tradition for today’s cuisine

Organic and local ingredients to reformulate recipes with rural inspiration suited to current-day needs

Eating healthily without losing sight of gastronomic tradition, in a sustainable manner that’s respectful towards the environment. This is the lifeblood of Buononaturale, which will bring its two product lines to Alimentaria.

The Buononaturale organic line includes vegetable preserves, sauces, rice and ready meals made with semolina, cereals and rice, including its varied range of risottos, with asparagus, nettles and organic vegetables, aubergines and organic porcini mushrooms, among many others. The traditional Buononaturale range includes semi-artisan specialities made with organic and ecological products, such as nut pestos and cream spreads, truffle specialities, fresh and dried pasta, gelati-sorbetti and soft focaccia from Apulia.

Buononaturale products are organic and ecologically grown. In addition to their health benefits, we should add the value of the Italian agricultural and livestock breeding tradition in the region of Irpina. They are, therefore, proximity products, as they come from agricultural companies in the local area that collaborate with the brand, making them sustainable and respectful towards the environment.

With all these ingredients, the brand proposes an original reformulation of classic Italian recipes from this region of Italy and applies innovation to adapt them to the needs of current-day consumers, providing quick and easy-to-prepare natural alternatives. Without neglecting modern trends. For example, it offers ready meals, sauces and other products without animal ingredients that are suitable for vegans.

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