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Natur Salud: new range of oily fish prepared with a less aggressive thermal preservation process

Conservas BayMar presents at Alimentaria Natur Salud, its new range of blue fish, prepared with a less aggressive thermal preservation process that preserves its nutritional properties. The brand also innovates in the presentation of the product, which is displayed in a transparent top.

Products in this range include grilled salmon in olive oil; baby sardines in olive oil or spicy, lightly smoked sardines; premium tuna fillets, made from the centre of the loin, and grilled light tuna taco in olive oil.

In addition to these products, the canning brand is bringing to this edition of the fair its BayMar Gourmet cockle range, aimed at the hotel and catering sector and specialized shops and made with a new 100% fresh process using seawater.

The water is collected in the Arosa estuary and, after a process of microfiltration and sanitization with ozone and without chemical products, is used throughout the cockle manufacturing process, from cleaning and purification to filling the liquid in the can. This method prevents chlorine and other disinfectants and agents from altering the organoleptic properties of the shellfish, while enhancing its flavour and improving its appearance.

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