Much more than chocolate

The new Virginias Cacao range comprises three different collections to suit all tastes, in addition to its Virtanias and Draguees

Virginias, a leading and prestigious brand in the confectionery sector, has chosen Alimentaria to present the new and innovative Virginias Cacao family, which includes bars, Virtanias (caramelised marcona almonds, coated in cocoa and with a thin layer of different flavours) and Draguees (chocolate bonbons with fruit and nuts).

As part of Virginias Cacao, the firm is launching its new Benefits collection, functional chocolates made in collaboration with the Leitat Technological Center research institute. These bars help to reduce fatigue, help you fall asleep and maintain blood cholesterol levels, thanks to ingredients such as Ginko Biloba, melatonin and omega-3, among others.

To complete the range, Virginias will unveil two other collections: Origens, selected chocolates from different origins, and Intensity, with chocolates ranging from mild intensities to the purest flavour (99% cocoa). The brand is also launching its 0% chocolates (milk chocolate and dark chocolate 70% cocoa), made with a new vegetable sweetener that looks and behaves similarly to sugar, but with fewer calories and fat.

The same sweetener that Viriginias uses for its latest novelties of nougat with no added sugars, a category that places the company at the forefront of innovation. Virginias also comes to the event with its recently obtained IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) Torró d’Agramunt seal, a guarantee of artisan products and tradition.

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