Natural and local nuts and dried fruit

Almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios processed by a unique vacuum dehydration process

Puigdellívol Nuts Group, a family company dedicated to the processing and marketing of nuts and dried fruit, comes to Alimentaria with the support of the Segrià County Council present for the first time at the fair under the brand Terres de Ponent

With health as its emblem, Puigdellívol Nuts Group stands out for offering a natural product made using a process that is unique in the world: vacuum dehydration. The process consists of extracting the water from the nuts at low temperatures and in an inert environment, in order to preserve their natural qualities, prevent the deterioration of fats, make it easy to remove the skin and give them a crunchy texture that is pleasant to the palate.

The different varieties of almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios are, in their natural state, an unbeatable source of proteins, minerals and vegetable oils of great value for the organism. The Puigdellívol Nuts Groups dehydration process preserves all these qualities, as well as their original colour, smell and taste.

The company is located in Torrebesses (Lleida), in an overwhelmingly agricultural area where almond, olive and pistachio trees are the only crops grown. At Alimentaria it will share the stand of the Segrià County Council together with four other companies from the region, all of which are characterised by the production of quality products and by having different quality labels: Foment Agrícola de les Garrigues, Cervesa Lo Vilot, el Molí d’oli Aresté Teixidó and Elixirs de Ponent.

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