Naturally… prime beef

Beef from select breeds, raised on sustainable livestock ranches, and dry-aged for a tender, quality temptation

For every dish, there is a solution. This is what Central de Carnes Madrid Norte has to offer, a production unit of Grupo Norteños specialising in high quality meats and products for the hospitality industry. To do so, this meat company offers a wide range of beef cuts from selected breeds from Spain and the rest of the world: Wagyu (Japan), Black Angus (Nebraska), Angus and Redford (Argentina), Simmental (German and Austrian Alps), Holstein-Friesian (Germany and Holland) or Jersey (Denmark).

All its beef comes from breeds selected and exhaustively controlled in all processes. “Tender” is the adjective that best defines any of its cuts, and the key lies in dry-ageing. This process consists of leaving the meat to rest in ageing chambers at controlled temperature, humidity and ventilation for 30 to 60 days (sometimes up to 90), depending on the age and weight of the carcase. This method also adds bouquet and aroma to the meat, enhancing its flavour.

Central de Carnes is involved in rural development as it always rears its animals on small farms in their areas of origin. It thus contributes to developing a sustainable rural economy, preserving biodiversity, promoting gastronomic culture and maintaining tradition.

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