Olives and pickles for new experiences

A renewed image and six product ranges, including classical and innovative ones, to be consumed on different occasions and in different ways

With a renewed image. This is how Sarasa, a leading brand in the olive and pickle sector, has chosen to visit Alimentaria. The company, founded in 1968, is reinforcing its Navarran origins and restructuring its portfolio with innovative, tasty and healthy solutions to provide new experiences.

The new organisation of the product portfolio is divided into six ranges. The seasoning range is its flagship, with dressings inspired by traditional recipes that seek to amaze with their flavours and textures. Five products reinforce its Andalusian inspiration through their designs and namings: Receta del Cortijo, Hechizos del Sur, La Picantona, Morenas del Sur and Reina de la Vega.

The Cocktail range, with a modern design, aims to create a category of combinations of olives and pickles to be shared during snack and appetiser times. Another of the pillars of its portfolio are its original traditional and handmade pickles, with a star product, the Piparra Guindilla chilli pepper.

Sarasa is also incorporating a new range: Ready to cook. This line includes a wide range of sliced, laminated and grated olives and pickles to facilitate their use in the preparation of dishes and recipes.

The six ranges are completed by the Traditional Olives (green, black and stuffed), the Traditional and Snacking Pickles (gherkins, onions and skewers) and the Market range, a new display of olives and pickles in the fresh produce area.

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