Organic and local

Gourmet nut spreads, granolas and locally produced nuts and dried fruits that care for health and the environment

The Buttery is an artisan producer of gourmet nut spreads, organic granolas and roasted nuts, which is coming to Alimentaria with its certified organic and local products.

This New Zealand-inspired business makes its products in its roasting facility in Barcelona. And it does so in small batches, using only local and organic ingredients of the highest quality.

Its high-oleic peanuts, in addition to being an excellent source of protein, have a texture and taste that are superior to conventional peanuts, and unique health properties. The Buttery’s granolas and spreads contain ingredients rich in fibre, protein, omega-3-6 and multiple health-promoting vitamins and minerals. Studies show that these seeds reduce blood pressure, inflammation, improve cholesterol, and reduce the risk of developing cancer and diabetes.

The Buttery is committed to sourcing sustainable, local and organic ingredients. In line with this philosophy, it also uses 100% compostable packaging and donates 10% of the profits to initiatives that fight climate change.

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