Ready to prepare ceviche

An innovative cut of sea bass ideally suited to easily prepare one of the most popular dishes in Peruvian cuisine

Garcimar, specialists in fresh fish and seafood, and in a wide variety of frozen products with nine branches in Spain, arrive at Alimentaria ready to innovate. To this end, it is proposing a new cut of sea bass at the fair, especially suited to the ceviche recipe, one of the Peruvian dishes that is becoming increasingly popular in Spain.

This new cut is presented as a great solution for the catering sector, as it helps to minimise wastage, as well as reducing the preparation time of this Peruvian dish. Garcimar’s sea bass chunks allow the recipe to be prepared without the need for specialised knowledge in handling fish. It is a level 4 ready-to-eat packaged product ready to be used in a practical and simple way, which also helps to adjust and control scales at all times.

This Garcimar novelty is added to an extensive catalogue of more than 2,000 food items in two temperatures: refrigerated and frozen. Its products include cephalopods, fish and seafood, meats, vegetables, pre-cooked foods, desserts and ice creams to combine in an infinite number of menus.

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