Rural essence with an innovative spirit

Grupo Alimentario Copese arrives at Alimentaria with two new products: the renewed image of Eresma, its brand of sausages and processed meats, and two international quality seals in the pocket of its meat processing centre Hola Food.

Under the name of the river responsible for irrigating the lands in Segovia where the company is located, Eresma has turned the “Puente Grande” of Coca, which gives access to the town, into its flagship of excellence. With this return to its origins, the brand created in 1993, brings to the table the more rural side of its fresh meats, hams, shoulders, sausages and traditional pots and pans.

Over the years, the brand has grown and evolved, but without losing sight of its home, its people and its roots, keeping alive the essence that defines Eresma and the entire Grupo Alimentario Copese: its commitment to the rural and local environment. And all of this is done looking towards the future, with a focus on innovation and strict quality standards.

In this respect, the reward for the group came last year. The meat processing centre Hola Food, part of the Grupo Alimentario Copese holding company, has been awarded the international Featured Standards (IFS) and British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS) certificates. These two quality seals serve to guarantee the safety of its products and, at the same time, to continue its international expansion.

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