Sips of health and balance

Cinnamon, beetroot and citrus, three flavours for Europe's first Kombucha with natural vitamin B12

Kombucha Onflow brings to Alimentaria the first Kombucha in Europe that can claim natural vitamin B12 content in its labelling. And the first to be made using a sustainable manufacturing process, with 100% renewable energy.

Green tea, sugar and SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) are the main ingredients of Kombucha, a probiotic drink made from fermented tea, from which friendly bacteria and yeasts are cultivated naturally. It also has health-promoting properties.

Kombucha Onflow is born from this ancestral formula, adapted to the tastes of the market, but with the same properties as the original. A commitment to transmit to the world the passion for a healthier and more balanced life. To reach all consumers, the brand has created three more commercial flavour varieties: apple and cinnamon, beetroot and mango, and citrus.

The balance between sweet and sour nuances gives this formula unique organoleptic and stability characteristics. Kombucha improves the immune system, has detox properties that help eliminate harmful toxins and provides nutrients. It is also low in sugars and calories.

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