Social action ColaCao

The company launches the new "Marchando tu ColaCao" campaign, in support of the hospitality industry after the pandemic and the ColaCao Foundation's anti-bullying campaign

Idilia Foods, a family-owned Spanish food company, will showcase at Alimentaria two of its most important brands, ColaCao and Nocilla, in order to continue leading their categories, as well as its most important social action projects, especially the ColaCao Foundation. This year, the Idilia Foods stand at the fair recreates a large tropical rainforest, in homage to the origin of the natural cocoa from which most of the two brands’ products are made.

Idilia continues to focus on innovation. One example is Nocilla Cookies, the company’s first foray into the biscuit category. The company also highlights Nocilla Noir: like the rest of this range of products, it does not contain palm oil or gluten, and it is also suitable for vegans.

The company is also showing at Alimentaria its new campaign “Marchando tu ColaCao”, starring actor Arturo Valls, and focused on supporting the hospitality industry after the pandemic, through the ColaCao packet format. With a special focus on the Horeca channel, Idilia will be exhibiting its Nocilla Profesional range, with its two formulas: Nocilla fluid and Nocilla original. It will also hand out waffles, croissants and crêpes made with both spreads.

The company’s social sustainability will be represented through the ColaCao Foundation, the social entity recently created by the brand to realise its purpose: to celebrate the uniqueness of every child and fight bullying through outreach, education and research.

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