Alejandro Arranz Calvo

Manager | IMDEA Alimentación
Alejandro Arranz Calvo


Economist, specialist in innovation management. Since 2020 he has been manager of the IMDEA Food Foundation, a technological research and innovation center of the Community of Madrid where he is coordinating the INNOHEALTH FOOD Transfer and Dynamization working group.


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INNOHEALTHFOOD: An Integrated Precision Nutrition Platform

Alejandro Arranz Calvo
Alejandro Arranz Calvo IMDEA Alimentación Manager

04-04-2022 12:45 04-04-2022 13:00 Europe/Madrid INNOHEALTHFOOD: An Integrated Precision Nutrition Platform

After several decades of searching for a health-promoting diet, the population has not yet benefited from a truly effective healthy diet. It has been 40

years of the FOSHU Program in Japan that aimed to improve health through nutrition. But it is only in the 21st century that science has generated the

basic knowledge that is key to making food strategies and products as tools for health care. The discovery of the genetic code, published in February

2001, was transformative, giving rise to Genomics and Metagenomics, basis of Precision Nutrition or nutrition tailored to the characteristics of

individuals according to their genetic profile and physiological situation. INNOHEALTHFOOD is an integrated structure of means to support the

food industry in bringing Precision Nutrition strategies and products to the market.

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