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Álvaro Garrido


Mina, with a Michelin star, offers market and seasonal cuisine with its own ideology in which the product and its essence take center stage within a universe of nuances that do nothing but extol the original raw material.


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The environment as a vehicle of expression

Álvaro Garrido
Álvaro Garrido Mina Restaurant Chef

05-04-2022 17:00 05-04-2022 17:45 Europe/Madrid The environment as a vehicle of expression

Álvaro Garrido's relationship with the environment marks the evolution of the Mina restaurant for more than 15 years, in which it has consolidated a network of "collaborators" from nearby farmhouses that provide them with vegetables, inshore fishing, eggs, capons, or kids, valuing their local environment to the point of giving it a global dimension.

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