Álvaro Smit

Consultant Chef | Comer en positivo
Álvaro Smit


Alvaro Smit has a long career as a chef, maître, manager and executive chef in several multinationals. He currently leads the “Comer en Positivo” project, offering consulting services in the food and drink industry.


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Álvaro Smit
Álvaro SmitComer en positivoConsultant Chef
Alejandro Álvarez-Canal
Alejandro Álvarez-CanalConsorcio del Chorizo EspañolManaging Director

05-04-2022 12:1505-04-2022 13:15Europe/Madrid#ChorizoAcademy

“Lentejas con Chorizo”, “Bollo Preñao” or “Patatas a la Riojana” are some of the traditional recipes of our gastronomy in which the Chorizo is the principal actor.

In the Spanish Chorizo Consortium we have collected these culinary treasures in our #ChorizoAcademy initiative, in order to explain to chefs from all over the world how to prepare the most authentic dishes of our cuisine, always with the Spanish Chorizo as the main character.  

Chef Alvaro Smit will introduce us this initiative and will surprise us with some of the creations in this innovative recipe book recorded and produced entirely in English.  


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