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Anisah & Naeem are a brother-sister duo who grew up surrounded by food. Inspired by their mother’s love of cooking, after living in Spain for many years, Naeem knew he had to share these family recipes with the rest of the world.


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A South African gastronomic journey

Anisah & Naeem
Anisah & Naeem Spice BCNChefs
15-09-2020 15:3015-09-2020 16:30Europe/MadridA South African gastronomic journey

South Africa’s culinary world is a reflection of its multicultural diversity within the country. With influences from South East Asia, Europe and Africa from centuries of colonisation and immigration, a new flavour was born. Culturally, meat is widely eaten and it is very common to have a weekend bbq or “Braai” as it is called. Cured and dried meat such as Biltong is also a specialty and was a way of preserving the food during the Voortrekkers time. They travelled all of Southern Africa in wagons and needed methods of keeping food preserved during long and hot summers. 

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