Anna Carabús i Flores

Food Industry Business Development Manager | IRTA
Anna Carabús i Flores


Anna Carabús is an agricultural engineer from the University of Lleida (2010) and a doctor in veterinary medicine from the University of Zaragoza (2015). She is currently i

n charge of business development for the Food Industry at IRTA


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Proteins towars a new concep

Anna Carabús i Flores
Anna Carabús i Flores IRTA Food Industry Business Development Manager

04-04-2022 12:00 04-04-2022 12:15 Europe/Madrid Proteins towars a new concep

PROTEINS: Towards a new concept

We will take a brief look at the types of proteins that are mostly found in supermarkets, as well as which ones have the greatest potential for growth in the food sector.

In what field can we apply R&D and what return can we obtain from it, as well as which short-term innovations are the ones that stand out the most.

We know the meat-based analogues based on plant-based products in the range of fresh, cooked and also cured (we will present the latest in cured veggies), but ... can we improve

the nutritional factor? Do we know the impact of processing on product quality?

How to use macroalgae and microalgae as biomass to develop new products or even new differentiated ingredients?

At what point is liquid fermentation and solid fermentation in the development of new products and / or protein ingredients?

We’ll introduce you to the latest developments at IRTA and share what we’re working on.

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