Beatriz Pérez

Product and Processes Technologies Engineer | AINIA
Beatriz Pérez


Agricultural Engineer specialized in Food Industries by the UPV. Masters in Technological Innovation by the UCV. 20 years leading projects on food ingredients, new structures and food improvement


Conference | The Alimentaria Hub

Plant-based products, tendencies and challenges

Beatriz Pérez
Beatriz Pérez AINIA Product and Processes Technologies Engineer

05-04-2022 10:30 05-04-2022 10:45 Europe/Madrid Plant-based products, tendencies and challenges

The presentation will propose the need to modify our current agri-food system towards a more sustainable model, based on the development of new plant-based foods with a better impact on the environment. To

achieve this, the technological lines with the greatest impact and potential will be presented, such as

extrusion technology and fermentation. This method is capable of modify the structural, nutritional and

sensory properties of new plant-based ingredients and thus achieving the development of new food

structures with appropriate nutritional and sensory properties. The lines of research addressed at AINIA

related to extrusion processes (TVP and HMEC) to obtain meat analogs, as well as the application of

fermentative processes to obtain dairy analogs from plant sources, will also be presented.

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