Begoña Rodrigo

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Begoña Rodrigo


The defined flavors, the exquisite beauty of her creations, the use of technique at the service of taste and an excellent selection of local products mean that Begoña Rodrigo's cuisine has been awarded its first Michelin star


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Roots and tubers Km.0

Begoña Rodrigo
Begoña Rodrigo La Salita Restaurant * Michelín Chef

06-04-2022 16:45 06-04-2022 17:30 Europe/Madrid Roots and tubers Km.0

For Begoña Rodrigo, roots and tubers have abandoned their traditional secondary role in the kitchen to become the protagonists of many of her dishes. He considers them noble, different and primitive products that give a lot of play and flavor, even in desserts.

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