Chema Martínez Gómez

Chema Martínez Gómez


He was a student at the Girona Hospitality School and did internships in different restaurants until, at the age of 22, he arrived at the Bulli de Roses. At 35 years old, he created his own project, Bodega Amposta, together with the brothers Jordi and Josep Barragán and Julio Fernández


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Gastronomic solutions for small spaces. Bodega Amposta

Chema Martínez Gómez
Chema Martínez GómezBODEGA AMPOSTAChef

04-04-2022 13:0004-04-2022 13:45Europe/MadridGastronomic solutions for small spaces. Bodega Amposta

The idea is to talk about our experience: directing and creating the gastronomic offer of an old winery in a very limited space (both in terms of resources and physical space) Giving prominence to the product, to a charcoal oven and with two fryers, we managed to bet on seasonal and local cuisine.

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