Christian Büdgen

Country Manager | Kuvut
Christian Büdgen


Christian has been at Kuvut for 3 years advising important consumer brands in Spain to achieve their marketing and sales objectives. He has 10 years of experience in Marketing functions for different sectors and has a Ph.D. in Sociology.


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How Brands Get Sales Through Recommendation

Mónica Lobo
Mónica Lobo Kuvut Managing Director South Europe
Christian Büdgen
Christian Büdgen Kuvut Country Manager

04-04-2022 18:00 04-04-2022 18:30 Europe/Madrid How Brands Get Sales Through Recommendation

The importance of Influence Marketing as a buying driver focused on consumer products will be reviewed. We will present you with powerful tools, both 'Offline' and 'Online', to position your products in front of the competition. As well as campaign success stories we have activated in Kuvut using these tools.

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