Cinta Bosch Montañés

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Cinta Bosch Montañés


Responsible for Sustainability of AECOC, the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors. Graduated in Higher Industrial Engineering from the UPC and with more than 12 years of experience in the area of ​​projects and strategic consulting.


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Sustainability in mass consumption

Cinta Bosch Montañés
Cinta Bosch Montañés AECOC Responsible for Sustainability

06-04-2022 11:30 06-04-2022 13:00 Europe/Madrid Sustainability in mass consumption

What are the current priorities of companies when promoting a more sustainable growth model? What is the vision of the shopper in terms of sustainability and what do you ask of companies in this area? We will present the results of the II Report on Sustainability in Mass Consumption carried out by AECOC, which analyzes the important role played by the value chain of mass consumption -with the agri-food sector at the forefront- in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) approved in 2015 by the United Nations. We will also know the priorities of the consumer in terms of sustainability according to the results of the latest AECOC Shopperview Study on sustainability.



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