Cristina Vieites

Commercial Strategy Director | Heura
Cristina Vieites


Graduate and Master in Marketing Management from ESADE Business School with more than 10 years of experience in the food industry, she currently leads the Global Business Strategy department at Heura, developing ways of growth to bring the 100% plant based revolution to the whole society.


Conference | The Alimentaria Hub

The generation that innovates with impact

Cristina Vieites
Cristina Vieites Heura Commercial Strategy Director

06-04-2022 15:30 06-04-2022 16:00 Europe/Madrid The generation that innovates with impact

During the presentation, Cristina Vieites will explain how innovation drives the

market and highlight the importance of innovating with impact. Speed and constant

innovation in such a dynamic category as the vegetable meats one is key to

accelerate the adoption of this type of products by consumers and to generate value

in the market.

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