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Dani Roig


Physics graduate, entrepreneur in the ICT sector, science fiction writer and horticulturist.


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Las Jellys, the latest revolution in cocktails

Pablo Quijano
Pablo Quijano Las Jellys Cofunder
Dani Roig
Dani Roig Las Jellys Cofounder

06-04-2022 17:30 06-04-2022 18:00 Europe/Madrid Las Jellys, the latest revolution in cocktails

Las Jellys are cocktails that are not taken in a glass, but in an explosive bite, since they are a liquid spherification wrapped in soft gelatin. Currently, there are 10 classic recipes available (such as the Manhattan or the Margarita), all made with top quality ingredients. The product is designed for delivery as it is sold in boxes of 12 units (19º) protected by a blister.

Its founders, two Spanish entrepreneurs, will explain the origin of their unique idea and the journey to open their first store in Barcelona, from which they distribute throughout Spain.

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