Ferran Abad Baig

Ferran Abad Baig


Owns a degree in Industrial Engineering (Politechnical University of Catalonia) and several postgraduate diplomas and masters in hospital management and hospital engineering (1994-1998). Since 2010 he is Director of the Development of Veolia Serveis Catalunya. 


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Solutions for the Sustainable Transformation of the Food and Beverage Industry

Ferran Abad Baig
Ferran Abad Baig VEOLIA SERVEIS CATALUNYA Development Manager
Silvia Jané Peralta
Silvia Jané Peralta VEOLIA SERVEIS CATALUNYA Project manager

04-04-2022 16:00 04-04-2022 16:45 Europe/Madrid Solutions for the Sustainable Transformation of the Food and Beverage Industry

One of the key points for the medium-term competitiveness of the food industry is the transformation of its production model towards a more sustainable one. The challenge facing the sector is how to become more sustainable while ensuring stable, inclusive, safe and healthy growth. At Veolia, we have adapted our activities to help the food industry in its transformation towards sustainability, providing solutions to improve water management in an environment of scarcity and increased demand, and promoting the use of renewable energies to reduce or eliminate environmental impact. Some of the most efficient sustainable transformation solutions are the reuse of wastewater, steam generation from biomass or biogas, photovoltaic energy or the optimization of energy costs from digital solutions. Other high-value options are currently in the validation phase.

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