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Chef | Maralba ** Michelín Restaurant
Fran Martínez


In Maralba, located in the shadow of the Castle of Almansa and with a Michelin star, Fran Martínez knows how to value regional gastronomy and its products, adding to the elaborations those touches of modernity that make them different


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The importance of cereal in the most Mediterranean La Mancha

Fran Martínez
Fran MartínezMaralba ** Michelín RestaurantChef

05-04-2022 13:0005-04-2022 13:45Europe/MadridThe importance of cereal in the most Mediterranean La Mancha

Cereals in Maralba's cuisine play a prominent role. In addition to using different types to make artisan breads from their own sourdough, they also use them to mature meat.

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