Jacob Kristensen Illán

Digital & Transformation Specialized Advisor | Blendhub
Jacob Kristensen Illán


Spent 3 years arming myself with technical knowledge in a CompSci degree. Worked simultaneously on developing e-commerce solutions for food brands to understand consumers and developed a prototype of an application to tackle household food waste.


Conference | The Alimentaria Hub

Collaboration on a platform for a better food system

Jacob Kristensen Illán
Jacob Kristensen Illán Blendhub Digital & Transformation Specialized Advisor

04-04-2022 13:25 04-04-2022 13:40 Europe/Madrid Collaboration on a platform for a better food system

The global food production system is outdated and inefficient to meet today's challenges: world population growth, responsible management of natural resources, and environmental protection.

How will we feed 9 million people in 2050?

Production must be local to be more efficient, sustainable, fair and safe. At Blendhub, we were visionaries more than a decade ago when we created a collaborative platform to offer food as a service anywhere in the world through a network of multi-located centers on four continents.Platform collaboration with partners aligned in values is the only way to transform the global food system towards a more sustainable, efficient and safe production that guarantees access to healthy food to more people in more places, thus creating shared value for society and the planet

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