Joaquín del Río Camacho

Director of Quality and Innovation | VICKY FOODS
Joaquín del Río Camacho


Bachelor of Pharmacy (UV), Bachelor of Food Science and Technology (UPV), Postgraduate in Business Administration (ESIC). Responsible for Quality in the food business Juan and Juan Industrial (2004-2009). Director of Quality, R+D+y and Environment, Vicky Foods Group (2009-2021, currently).


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Adaptation to changes in the Food Industry

Joaquín del Río Camacho
Joaquín del Río Camacho VICKY FOODS Director of Quality and Innovation

04-04-2022 14:30 04-04-2022 15:00 Europe/Madrid Adaptation to changes in the Food Industry

The challenge of adapting to accelerated changes in the environment requires a continuous innovative approach from the Food Industry that is not only restricted to the product, but must affect the entire organizational structure. Issues such as changes in food trends, socioeconomic factors, or the increase in consumer empowerment in decision-making, through new technologies, have an increasing impact on the activity of the Food Industry. In this deeply changing environment, innovation has ceased to be a differentiating element, to become a basic survival tool for companies.

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