Juan Llorca

Juan Llorca


Chef specializing in nutrition and infant food. More than 11 years of experience at the Valencia Montessori School,co-author oft he book ‘Sin dientes y a bocados’.Disseminator and communicator,specialist in cuisine made with Km.0 ans seasonal product


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Vegetable protein on school menus: Not everything is good for animal meat

Juan Llorca
Juan LlorcaChef

04-04-2022 13:1504-04-2022 14:15Europe/MadridVegetable protein on school menus: Not everything is good for animal meat

Reducing consumption of red and processed meats is becoming a necessity for one’s health and because vegetables-based foods are also the most enviromentally friendly. School canteens, as spaces for training and promoting the health tot he future generations, are a perfect platform for introducing small changes, bearing in mind, however, that not everything is valid to replace red and processed meat of aminal origin.

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