Kuldeep Sighn

Chef and co-founder | MASALA73 Restaurant
Kuldeep Sighn


Kuldeep Singh, a self-taught chef who learned cooking from his grandmother in Punjab, India. After spending 10 years working in restaurants in Barcelona, ​​he started doing what he likes the most: Indian cuisine.


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A curry bar with an inclusive menu

Kuldeep Sighn
Kuldeep Sighn MASALA73 Restaurant Chef and co-founder

06-04-2022 12:15 06-04-2022 13:15 Europe/Madrid A curry bar with an inclusive menu

The Masala73 curry bar is a benchmark of modern Indian cuisine in Barcelona. With part of their team of Indian origin, they have a special sensitivity when preparing their menu. In this presentation they will tell us about the different types of clients who frequent their space and how to design a menu where they indicate, apart from allergens, which dishes are halal.

It all started in a Food truck, an old Mercedes Benz bus, where they prepared quality Indian street food.

Shortly after, due to high demand for events, the bus kitchen out-of-box for them.

It was then that the idea of ​​opening the first curry bar in the city arose, with a very short menu, which changes every season of the year, taking advantage of the products of each season. Its chef and co-founder, Kuldeep Singh, prepares artisan Indian cuisine, taking care of even the smallest detail in each cooking and preparation, uses organic/halal ingredients, prepares the naans daily and by hand, with sourdough.

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