María Cuairán

Marketing Director & Sales Manager | Alimentos Sanygran
María Cuairán


Degree in Law and Business Administration, with a vocation in Marketing and Sales. Specializing in Marketing Management and Digital Marketing. She has led branding and product positioning projects and is now Sanygran’s Director of Marketing and Head of Food Sales.


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Plant-Based Solutions: Sanygran’s business model

María Cuairán
María Cuairán Alimentos Sanygran Marketing Director & Sales Manager

06-04-2022 15:00 06-04-2022 15:30 Europe/Madrid Plant-Based Solutions: Sanygran’s business model

Sanygran's mission is to produce Plant-Based products to improve not only the health of people but also that of the planet.

We are the only national company with three technologies for the production of these products. We are manufactures not only the final product, but also the raw material for the production of Plant-Based products.

In addition, we position ourselves in the entire plant-based protein value chain.

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