María Gómez

Chef | Magoga Restaurant * Michelín
María Gómez


Together with her husband, she embarked on an adventure with Magoga, a project inspired by the history of the city of Cartagena and her childhood experiences, her cuisine has been recognized with one Michelin star


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The field of Cartagena and the Mediterranean sea

María Gómez
María Gómez Magoga Restaurant * Michelín Chef

05-04-2022 10:30 05-04-2022 11:15 Europe/Madrid The field of Cartagena and the Mediterranean sea

María Gómez's cuisine is nourished by the traditional recipes of the region and the rich pantry of the land of Cartagena, always from a contemporary perspective in balance with avant-garde and tradition and between the Campo de Cartagena and the Mediterranean Sea.Her dishes have been proposed to recover that ancient legacy of flavors and techniques that the passage of time has blurred to raise it to the culinary level it deserves.Through history, childhood memories and the traditional recipes of her grandparents, they invite us to rediscover the culinary roots of the region in a delicate game that combines past and present.

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