Mario Sánchez

CEO R+D innovation | Grupo TGT
Mario Sánchez


Responsable de I+D y control de calidad en Luxtor S.A. Responsable de control de calidad e I+D en Irish Dairy Board España. Director de I+D y calidad de producto en Ornua. Actualmente CEO de I+D e innovación en Gruo TGT.


Round Table | The Alimentaria Hub

TECH TRANSFER AGRIFOODS: Innovation for the food industry

Santi Aliaga
Santi Aliaga Zyrcular Foods CEO
Alberto Jimenez San Mateo
Alberto Jimenez San Mateo SMILEATBABY Co-Funder & Co-CEO
Pedro Astals
Pedro Astals Chairman of the Tech Transfer Agrifood Advisory Board Presidente
Daniel Andreu
Mario Sánchez
Mario Sánchez Grupo TGT CEO R+D innovation

06-04-2022 13:15 06-04-2022 14:15 Europe/Madrid TECH TRANSFER AGRIFOODS: Innovation for the food industry

TECH TRANSFER AGRIFOODS organizes a round table in which startups, universities and technological and industrial centers participate in a common space, but success is nowhere else than in the ecosystem. When all the factors come together, the best opportunities are born. This talk shows that there is a space where everyone lives together.

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