Mariona Porxas

Product Manager Bakery | Puratos
Mariona Porxas


Product Manager for Bakery at Puratos. She has a degree in Advertising & PR from UB and a master’s degree in Fashion Communication from URL. Passionate about the world of fashion and cultural fusion, she has found in food a fascinating environment to activate her most creative self. 


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The Wholegrains revolution with Softgrains Technology

Mariona Porxas
Mariona Porxas Puratos Product Manager Bakery
Albert Parramon
Albert Parramon Puratos Research Manager Bakery

04-04-2022 11:00 04-04-2022 11:30 Europe/Madrid The Wholegrains revolution with Softgrains Technology

Today's consumers are looking for healthy breads, without having to compromise on taste. With Softgrains technology we have managed to combine both factors to offer consumers what they have always been looking for. We invite you to discover the exciting world of wholegrains and see how to offer added value in the bakery.

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